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The Truth About Chronic Disease

As a holistic health coach, the mind-body connection is always at the core of my approach.

In homeopathy we often use powerful natural remedies that work through emotional blocks so that we can treat your physical ailments.

In today’s society and especially in British ‘stiff upper lip’ culture, we don’t necessarily deal with negative experiences in the way that we should. 🤨

We often just ‘get on with it’ but despite our best efforts, our bodies store emotions which later often manifest as lowered immune system and chronic illnesses such as Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. 🤕

It’s not all bad news though as these illnesses can be managed through homeopathy and eating a nutritionally rich diet. 🙌🏽

Get in touch if you are suffering with a chronic illness to see how homeopathy, nutritional therapy and lifestyle coaching can help.

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