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Shutting Down Emotion - The Mind/Body Connection

Happy Monday! It’s a new and beautiful week 🌷

In light of my recent ticket purchasing to see the incredible Dr Gabor Maté in June, I thought I’d speak a little bit about how his beliefs tie in with homeopathy.

The belief that suppressed emotion is the cause of illness or dis-ease within the body is at the core of homeopathy. This is why for chronic issues, we treat the emotions first and foremost and allow the physical manifestations of these emotions (symptoms) to improve in tandem.

There are links to major emotional suppression and cancer so in homeopathy, following the knowledge that ‘like cures like’, there is a remedy made from breast cancer tissue which can be used to treat people with long-term suppressed anger/emotions. It is an extremely powerful remedy which I have seen in action first hand. It is NOT to be taken lightly but can have profound effect on a persons life if prescribed and overseen by an experienced homeopath.

If anybody is interested in Dr Gabor Maté’s work, I recommend his incredible book ‘When The Body Says No’. 🤓

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