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Treating Eczema Naturally - Part 2

Check yesterday’s post for the first half of my Healing Eczema Naturally tips 🍃

🐟 Eat more oily fish and/or add a high quality fish oil supplement to your diet to get a hit of omega 3 fatty acids. You’ll benefit from their anti-inflammatory properties while getting an extra hydration boost to the skin from the inside out.

If you are vegan, Flaxseed and Krill oil are excellent options.

💊 Make sure your gut health is tip-top so all the goodness you put in makes it to the places that need it! See my previous post for tips on supporting gut health.

🍭 Ditch or at least reduce sugar and processed grains. Again these are linked to inflammation so to give your body the best chance of finding balance, limit your sugar and refined carbohydrate intake.

🍯 Switch to natural cosmetics. There are many big brand and independent retailers who sell good quality products without all the nasties. Opt for moisturisers that are enriching and soothing for the skin while you slowly reduce steroid use to limit the flair up.

🍃 See a Homeopath! I have no doubt that the dietary changes I made had a huge impact on my skin but I know that without homeopathy, I wouldn’t have experienced such a drastic level of healing. I believe that homeopathy prompted my body to heal itself while my nutritional changes supported my body to continue healing.

I know through cutting out gluten, wheat and dairy in the past with little relief, that nutritional changes alone are not enough for the body to change the behaviour of a lifetime.

Homeopathy was able to turn down the dial on my body’s sensitivity so I now also suffer less with hay fever and other allergies.

Please don’t suffer in silence with eczema, get in contact for more tips and info or to book a consultation.

Good luck, I truly hope these tips help 😘

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