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Restore your
Natural Balance
in 12 Weeks

With so much information online and so little help from GPs, women are often left feeling frustrated, let down and overwhelmed by the task of playing detective with their hormonal issues. 


I’ve been there and I know how utterly exhausting and lonely this situation can feel, especially while dealing with unpleasant symptoms and worries - you can begin to despair of ever feeling better!

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The Hormone Balance plan has been written specifically to promote hormone balance, a positive mindset and ultimate holistic health. Combining nutritional therapy, homeopathy, mindset and lifestyle coaching this programme embodies the Holistic Approach To Wellness philosophy.


Embarking on this programme and working with me 1:1 skips the blanket info online to find the root cause of your symptoms, focus on your individual needs and learn step-by-step how to bring your mind, body and soul back into beautiful feminine balance.


This programme is for you if you are experiencing unpleasant symptoms of:


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS)






Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA)

Amenorrhea (absent periods)

Dysmenorrhea (painful periods)

Or if you are

Trying to conceive

Looking for balance and harmony

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More than just 'period problems'

The Hormone Balance Plan covers much more than just ‘period problems’ but brings balance and energy back to you in all your feminine glory.  Unlike diets or information online, plans are completely individualised to find an approach that works for you and while weight loss may be a side effect of this, it is most definitely not the focus.  

This is NOT a Weight Loss Plan

If you're looking for a weight loss plan, sorry - you're in the wrong place! We will not focus on tracking calories and macronutrients but on fuelling with the correct micronutrients to nourish and meet the body’s needs. 

Deep Dive Into What Matters

Individual needs will vary but some of the subjects covered are:

  • Blood Sugar Balance

  • Gut Health

  • Detoxification

  • Mindset

  • Exercise and movement

  • Mindfulness and Breathwork

  • Sleep Hygiene

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Hot Flushes

Excess Hair Growth

Headaches & Migraines



Loss of Libido


Hair Loss

Absent & Irregular Periods

Weight Gain

Heavy & Painful Periods




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From each of the following packages, you will gain a new understanding of your body’s individual needs and how to simply and effectively meet those needs.  We will work on the root cause of your imbalance to minimise symptoms and improve energy (in homeopathy we call this the Vital Force) so that your body is best able to heal itself.

After our initial in-depth consultation, the homeopathic treatment will focus on boosting the vital force, encouraging any necessary mindset shifts, removing mental blocks and reducing inherited predispositions if necessary. 

Most importantly, you will finish with the knowledge required to live a more balanced, happy and healthy life!




1 x up to 2 hour appointment

Monthly 1:1 - 2 x 1 hour appointments

Up to 3 x 20 minute telephone check-ins

Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan

Bespoke homeopathic remedies 

Energy boosting morning & evening routine

Positive affirmation workshop

+70 Hormone loving recipes

For those who need a little encouragement throughout the month. The Essential package gives you the benefit of quick check-ins between appointments and the gift of my tried and tested morning and evening rituals for improved sleep and energy.



1 x up to 2 hour appointment

Biweekly 1:1 - 5 x 1 hour appointments

Up to 6 x 20 minute telephone check-ins

Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan

Bespoke homeopathic remedies

Energy boosting morning & evening routine

Positive affirmation workshop

+70 Hormone loving recipes

Meditation audio - Daily Self Belief

The Balance package is for those who require regular support or wish to learn some holistic health techniques. You will benefit from regular contact with me plus invaluable additional course materials. The meditation will leave you feeling more in charge of your emotions and is a fantastic addition to any health journey.



1 x up to 2 hour appointment

Weekly 1:1 - 11 x 1 hour appointments

Up to 6 x 20 minute telephone check-ins

Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan

Bespoke homeopathic remedies

Energy boosting morning & evening routine

Positive affirmation workshop

+70 Hormone loving recipes

Meditation Audio - Daily Self Belief 

Meditation audio - Mindset Shift

Energising 30 min Yoga practice Video

Relaxing 30 min Yoga Practice Video

Confidence through support

My most in-depth & exclusive package - perfect for those who want full weekly support, have complicated imbalances and are looking for the ultimate mind-body-spirit toolkit to holistically balance and support through every step of the programme.



You have my full support to succeed in this journey towards wellness. I know how difficult it is to take those first steps towards a change and how many times those first steps are sometimes needed before change truly happens.  I’ve been where you are now and this is why I am with you every step of the way.


Knowledge is power and this is why, as a health coach, I feel it is imperative to educate my clients on their body’s needs and wants.  Hand holding only goes so far but when you understand why and how to make changes, the magic really happens.


I understand what years of being unhealthy, overweight, anxious, depressed and self conscious can do to a person’s confidence.  Again, I’ve been exactly where you are now.
This is why sessions with me work through mental blocks to shift mindsets and make healthier life-long habits.  I believe in handing the power back to YOU so that YOU are your own healer.

Long-Term Relief

As you know, I believe physical ailments are often caused by emotional issues, past upsets and traumas so while conventional systems of healing may result in short term surface relief, without delving deeper, symptoms often return.  My holistic approach targets the mind and body at once, releasing the blockages caused by past issues while strengthening the physical body, restoring balance and enabling your body's natural long-term healing process.

Increased Quality of Life

My approach reduces symptoms of chronic and acute conditions so that you can enjoy life to the fullest!

Exclusive Access

Sessions are always 1:1 with me and never with a lesser or junior associate.  You have exclusive access to my personal support and the knowledge I love to share with you.

Bespoke Approach

I offer completely personalised plans based on the extensive interview that takes place in our first session.  During this session, I get to know you - your wants, your needs, your experiences, your family history and current lifestyle and based on this, create a bespoke treatment plan which changes as I get to know you more.  I never use a blanket approach and all homeopathic prescriptions are always tailor made. This truly is Designer Medicine.


Why is the plan 12 weeks?


Results don’t happen overnight and anything claiming to quick-fix hormones should definitely be steered clear of.


The Hormone Balance Plan is an in-depth and comprehensive programme focused on holistic healing and balance. The aim of this programme isn’t just to balance hormones but to shift mindsets, identify and change limiting beliefs, create a self care routine and healthy lifestyle that is sustainable, improve nutritional knowledge, deal with any disordered eating and nurture an independent and confident graduate.  Changes as deep rooted and profound as this take time!


Will I be ‘cured’ after 12 weeks?

I never use words like ‘cure’ as health is an ongoing journey that really does last a lifetime however you will finish with the knowledge and tools required to continue on the road to balance and a happy and healthy life.  You will have lifetime access to all the information given during the programme to refer back to and of course you have the option to continue sessions with me on a pay-as-you-go basis should you wish for longer-term support.


What happens when I finish and start eating ‘normally’ again?


After learning how to nourish and fuel your body correctly, you won’t want to!


You wouldn’t fill your petrol car  with diesel so why would you go back to eating badly when you know what to eat to feel amazing?


The beauty of this programme is that it’s as much about education as it is getting to the end result.  From the very beginning you will gain the invaluable knowledge of what your body needs and how to meet those needs so that you may continue to do so long after ‘graduating’.


Are results guaranteed?


Results cannot be guaranteed as they are heavily dependent on your own effort, dedication and abilities but what I can guarantee is that you will finish with the knowledge and tools required to achieve your goals of a more balanced, happier and healthier you.

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