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Unlike traditional cold & flu medicines the Essential Immunity Collection is 100% natural with no chemicals or artificial ingredients used, ​just natural and nourishing vitamins and minerals that stimulate your own healing systems.


Over-the-counter pharmaceutical medicines mask your symptoms while doing nothing to boost your immune system or heal your body. Our all natural products stimulate your body's own incredible immune responses so you feel better, faster, naturally. 

With winter closing in, it's time to take extra care of ourselves. Take on the world feeling your best, knowing that you're taking care of yourself and those around you by giving your immune system what it needs to thrive in the season of cold, flu, respiratory viruses and the excesses that are synonymous with the festive season.

All our nourishing products are in liquid form which is much more easily absorbed and therefore generally more effective than tablet or pill form.

This is especially beneficial for those with digestion issues.

The carefully selected, natural ingredients are of the highest quality and have been proven in clinical studies to have properties that boost your immune system and fight symptoms of cold, flu and respiratory viruses.

You can read more about each ingredient and the studies in my blog:

No impurities, no chemicals, no nasties at all - just the purest available forms of these incredibly potent and effective natural remedies to keep you and yours feeling your best during this winter season. 



Essential Immunity Collection

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