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Let's Shine A Light On Depression

Let’s shine a light on Depression 🔦

🧠In England, 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem, such as anxiety and depression, in any given week.

🧠According to the figures obtained from the NHS Business Services Authority, one in six 18 to 64-year-olds were prescribed antidepressants at some point last year, rising to one in five among those aged 65 and over.

🧠Rates of antidepressant use across all age groups rose 5% between 2015-16 and 2017-18.

🧠A paper written in 2018 on the responses of adults who had taken antidepressants 'in the last two years’ showed that 26% expected to take them forever and 48% did not have their drugs reviewed every 3 months.

The purpose of this post is not to shame or scare any body who is currently taking antidepressants but to encourage informed decisions when it comes to taking medications of this type.

Most people don’t know that they must wean off antidepressants slowly and even then can face nasty side effects as the body adjusts.

Please, before agreeing to medicate depression in this way, speak to your doctor about side effects and insist that you are regularly reviewed to make sure that these are kept at bay.

🧠Studies comparing symptoms of depression in menopausal women after homeopathic and conventional treatment have found that homeopathy is as successful as antidepressants but produces no negative side effects.

Homeopathy is a fantastic way to treat depression, be it as a stand alone or complimentary treatment along side antidepressants.

Typically in a consultation for treatment of depression, after a full patient history has been taken that focuses on the emotional experiences throughout a patients life, the correct remedy can be prescribed.

As a holistic health coach, I don't focus just on how a patient feels now but every experience that has lead them to this point, as in homeopathy we treat the cause of the depression, not just the symptoms.

Paired with nutritional therapy and lifestyle coaching things can get brighter!

If you would like to know how Homeopathy and natural treatments for depression can help, please get in touch.

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